About Bed & Business

Bed & Business opened its doors in 2020. A unique education innovation created by Horizon College: education and entrepreneurship are connected in this fieldlab. Bed & Business welcomes a new generation of students and entrepreneurs.

Bed & Business offers students the opportunity to obtain practical experience in a place where regional entrepreneurs, cooperation partners and foreign students are received as well. It is an inspiring place for (international) guests to hold meetings, sleep and study.

Bed & Business
In the Bed section, there are beautiful studio apartments and a cosy lounge created for a maximum of 24 foreign students and teachers. Read more about the studios.
In the Business section, meetings and conferences are held and seminars, masterclasses and courses are given to students, employees and external collaboration partners. Here you can find more information about business opportunities in our Bed & Business.

Students in charge
Bed & Business is an inspiring place for students to obtain practical experience. Students of the Hospitality department are actively involved in Bed & Business, under their teachers’ supervision. Students of other departments play an important role in Bed & Business as well: students of the Technical Department developed the design and they will be committed to the maintenance and testing of new technology. Students of the Entrepreneurship Centre have their lessons in Bed & Business, during which they are in close contact with (regional) businesses. In the future, Horizon College will involve even more study departments in Bed & Business.

About the Horizon College
The Horizon College has more than 13.000 students and offers more than 120 courses at various locations in Noord-Holland: Alkmaar, Heerhugowaard, Hoorn and Purmerend. You can find more information on the Horizon College website.

Unique Building
The building used to house a holiday company of two successful local entrepreneurs. We believe their ambitious spirit is still wandering around there. We fully redesigned Bed & Business for its new purpose: to educate and inspire you. We cannot wait to host your next and exciting experiences.


'I was glad to have my own place with a nice bed during my internship in the Netherlands. Also, they took good care of me here.'

Sarah from Denmark

A quick look into the Bed & Business: